Members of the Luv Ya Blue era Houston Oilers reflect on the magical seasons of 1978 and 1979. Join Elvin Bethea, Robert Brazile, Dan Pastorini, Mike Renfro, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Kenny Burrough, Mike Barber, Carl Mauck, Willie Alexander, Coach Ed Biles, Gregg Bingham, Vernon Perry, Rich Caster, and Andy Dorris for a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Interview clips are taken from the new book Red, White, and Columbia Blue: Chasing the Dream with the 1979 Houston Oilers as well as the DVD We Were the Oilers: The Luv Ya Blue Era!

Both the new book and DVD were written by The Game before the Money Podcast host and producer Jackson Michael. The Game before the Money Podcast usually comes out on a weekly basis and often features interviews with NFL, AFL, and NCAA football legends. Learn more at Learn more about the Houston Oilers projects at

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