President Richard Nixon called to congratulate Washington Redskins head coach George Allen his team defeated the Dallas Cowboys in October of 1972. This episode features the lion’s share of their conversation which was about 15 minutes.


Football dominates the conversation as the two discuss Washington’s come-from-behind victory at home. Nixon displays a solid knowledge of the NFL as he and Allen talk about players from both teams – including Hall of Famers Sonny Jurgensen, Roger Staubach, and Lance Alworth. They go over the next games on both teams’ schedules and ponder possible trades Washington could make as the team makes a successful run towards Super Bowl 7.


This is a very fun listen for any fan of football and/or politics. President Nixon greatly enjoyed pro and college football as well as his friendship with George Allen. The conversation was recorded as part of the “Nixon Tapes” and is available on the Nixon Library’s website. The conversation is Tape 32-007.


The Game before the Money Podcast comes out on Tuesdays and is hosted and produced by Jackson Michael, author of The Game before the Money: Voices of the Men Who Built the NFL and writer/director of We Were the Oilers: The Luv Ya Blue Era! You can learn more football history and about the author at

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