Did you know that only a handful of NFL quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl? A mere 4 quarterbacks have combined to win 30 percent of all Super Bowls and only 33 quarterbacks have ever won the big game. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have both won at least 1 Super Bowl and so the number of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in NFL history isn’t going to change after Super Bowl 55. In fact, the trend of only a few quarterbacks winning league championships goes all the way back to the 1940s and includes the American Football League and the AFL Championship Game.

The pattern also extends to the AFC Championship Game and the NFC Championship Game. Since 1998, the AFC Championship Game has featured at least one of a select group of six quarterbacks starting the game. Learn more about this QB reality in this football history podcast.

Episodes of The Game before the Money Podcast are released each week, except for certain episodes that take about two weeks to create. The show is produced and hosted by Jackson Michael, author of The Game before the Money: Voices of the Men Who Built the NFL, published by the University of Nebraska Press. Many episodes feature interviews with pro and college football legends. Learn more at https://TheGameBeforeTheMoney.com.

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