Many fans know that Dick “Night Train” Lane holds the single-season interception record. Did you also know he also co-holds the record for the longest touchdown reception in Cardinals history? Hear the story as told by Cardinal quarterback Odgen Compton.

There are incredible triumphs and incomparable tragedies in Night Train Lane’s life – literally right from the start. Few NFL backstories compare with the journey Night Train Lane took on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The fact that Lane even got a tryout – let alone a starting position -- with the defending world champion Rams without having played regular college football is astounding. Add to it that he set an NFL record that has stood for nearly 70 years when he was simply a rookie fresh out of the military and you’ve got yourself an amazing story indeed.

In this episode you’ll hear stories from his teammate Odgen Compton and Lane’s friend, sports artist Robert Hurst.

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