The popular football history podcast is now a national radio show! Airing Saturdays from 11am-Noon Eastern/10-11 am Central on the SportsMap Radio Network. Connecting the past, present and future of pro and college football.

This episode aired July 16, 2022 and featured Bill Butler. Butler played in the NFL from 1959-1964 and talked about his time playing for Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry, as well as his work as a two-way player for the Minnesota Vikings in the 1960s. Host Jackson Michael also discussed NFL players who also played Major League Baseball and about the College Football Playoff.

Episodes of The Game Before the Money Radio Show will be posted weekly throughout the 2022 NFL and NCAA football season. Additional episodes of The Game Before the Money Podcast featuring pro and college football legends will also be posted regularly.  Learn more at

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